Tagging Monarchs – Oct 2, 2013

monarch tagged

Tagged Monarch

The Sparrow field is a place to visit and enjoy, as well as a living laboratory. Two years ago, Dara Satterfield, a PhD student, under the guidance of Dr. Susan Altizer, a researcher at the University of Georgia and an expert in monarch migration, asked to use the sparrow field to investigate and study the host-parasite patterns in monarch migration. Not only does the Sparrow field provide clues to the migratory patterns and health of the coastal monarchs, it comes with volunteers willing to help. Monarch tagging sessions held at the Landings Sparrow Field continue on a regular basis during the migration season and are an excellent example of how “citizen scientists” can contribute to science. At the sessions, volunteers tag and swipe monarchs for the presence of parasites.

fitz group

Fitz Clarke & Volunteers

The information is sent to the University of Georgia and compiled in the on-going study. Hopefully, the project will explain the migratory patterns of coastal monarchs and why over the past few years there have been substantially fewer monarchs on this migratory path.

Dara Satterfield works closely with Fitz Clarke who is the steward of the pollinators and has captured exquisite photos of the Sparrow field activities.


Click on the video below to watch a Monarch tagging !

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