Birds at the Sparrow Field – July 16

Today, 7/16/2011, I was following up on the report by Pat Wolters, our island’s resident “Bird Rehabilitator” that she had released a juvenile ” Eastern Kingbird” at the Sparrow Field, The Landings, Skidaway Island, Chatham County, Georgia.

I spotted what I believe was the juvenile bird in company with an adult “Eastern Kingbird.” They were perched, both seeking insects, flying out and back to a limb on the small group of Sweetgum trees, back left of the field, within the path that circles the field.

As I approached they flushed; however, two yellow breasted birds stood out within the swaying Sweetgum limbs. I was successful in acquiring three digital images of two female, “Orchard Orioles.” I originally believed them to be, ” Blue-winged Warblers”; however, Diana Churchill, a friend and former President of Ogeechee Audubon set me straight. She provided the identification as female “Orchard Orioles”. Diana further advised, ” Orchard Orioles nest here and are regulars on Skidaway.”

Shortly thereafter I captured a juvenile “Blue-gray Gnatcatcher” near the pump house, back right of the field.

The recent rain measured 8.5 inches at the Sparrow Field. It has brought forth the many blooming nectar and butterfly host-plants. We have bush-hogged the field and cut the grass at the base of the 75-yard ” Pollinator Friendly Area” on the berm.

I would invite you to visit the field in your golf cart or vehicle. There are so many different species of birds, butterflies, bees, wasp and additional insects to enjoy. 

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