Ladybugs vs Aphids – Aug 1

This year at the Landings, Skidaway Island, Sparrow Field, “Pollinator Friendly Area” we have had an infestation of “Aphids” on our main “Monarch and Queen” Milkweed host-plant, Asclepias curassivica. The migrating Monarch relies upon the various Milkweed Species to survive. We consider our Sparrow Field berm Milkweed plots to be ” Pony Express Way Stations,”

Catherine Olivier, Skidaway Islands resident, and Sparrow Field berm volunteer addressed the aphid problem by ordering 4500 Convergent Lady Beetles, Hippodamia convergens”. They were released yesterday, 7/30/2011, upon the Milkweed plants arranged along the 75 yard ” Pollinator Friendly Area” berm.

I invite you to visit the Sparrow Field where there are a visual assortment of treasures to be located, photographed, and viewed”.

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