Tallow Tree Timeline & History – Through July 2012



  • February
    – Skidaway Audubon endorses the Tallowtree Project, (supported by The Club and TLA)
  • November
    – Journal article,”Targeting Toxic Trees…Chinese Tallowtrees”, by A. F.


  • February
    – Educational C.A.R.E. flyers developed and distributed (ChineseTallowtree.Alert.Remove.Educate)
    – Native Plant Trail work party, 28 truckloads of tallow and dog fennel hauled away
  • March
    – Journal article, “Please C.A.R.E….Save our Natives”, by A.F.
    – Scout training with Sean Burgess & A.F.
  • April
    – Boy Scouts join C.A.R.E. team, perform site visits to residents’ homes
    – Journal article, “Scouts C.A.R.E.!!” by A.F.
  • May
    – Free Tree Replacement Program, Landlovers award one year grant $2,280 to A.F.
    – Series of 3 articles in the TWATL, “Are you Aiding and Abetting the ENEMY?” by A.F.
  • June
    – Journal article about Boy Scout C.A.R.E. service by A.F.
    – Site inspection sheet developed for use by scout
    – TWATL Cover: “Charming?…ALARMING!” by A.F.
    – TWATL article (caution, not to cut “nesting season” trees…wait til September) by Beth Roth
  • July
    – Boy Scouts completed 6 site visits, pulled 715 seedlings, dug up 69 saplings and 2 stumps.
    – 110 mature trees removed from dog park by Sean Burgess, TLA
    – Journal article, “It Pays to C.A.R.E.” by A.F.
  • Aug
    – TWATL article, “It Pays to C.A.R.E.” by A.F.


  • January
    – Sparrow Field Project meeting addresses need for Tallowtree removal to allow natives to flourish
  • March
    – Educational display at TLA Lawn & Landscape Expo; Scouts, tallowtree specimen, C.A.R.E. flyers. Tallow Removal Project receives Audubon budget of $1000.
  • May
    – Free Tree Replacement Program Continued, Landlovers award one year grant $2,500 to A.F.
  • June
    – Completion of 1st Free Tree Program (36 site visits, 24 of 27 eligible prop. owners rec’d trees, 66 mature trees were removed including 3 from Magnolia Golf Course by Sparrow Field, over 750 seedlings, 89 saplings or stumps removed.
  • July
    – Journal article, by A.F.
  • October
    – Sparrow Field Project – Caryl Warner gets agreement from Club and TLA for removal of Tallows along berm, and large ones by entrance and bathrooms on Magnolia #15 ($21,000 by Skidaway Audubon for fellabuncher and clearcast done by Evergreen; irrigation and landscaping).
  • November
    – Agreement reached with Mike Perham, Club Superintendent, for Tallow Terrors to remove tagged Tallows from courses with clear guidelines, treating stumps with full strength round up, & pile pickup by golf maintenance crew.
  • December
    – Tallowtree work party of 12 at Sparrow Field, using Tordon 101 under Holly Holdsworth, Manager of Skidaway State Park with volunteers from Audubon, Green Thumb and Bird Club.
    – TWATL article, “Chinese Tallow Trees and Tree Cutting”, by Beth Roth
    – Mission Statement of Skidaway Audubon amended to include ”Education and control of non-native invasive species”
    – Approval of Formal Proposal to TLA for acceptance and support of Volunteer Effort to control and remove Chinese Tallowtrees on common land.
    – Don McCulloch’s Tallow Terrors start Monday work parties removing tagged trees starting at Magnolia #15 and Oakridge #15, Audubon pays for chemicals and tape.
    – TTs remove 56


  • January
    – Round of golf provided Holly Holdsworth for her donation of time and material (2 days & Tordon)
    – TTs remove 213
  • February
    – TLA grants approval of Volunteer Effort Proposal
    – Green Thumb provides 17 names of potential work party volunteers.
    – United Nations declares 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity
    – TTs remove 109; Marshwood course COMPLETE
  • March
    – Journal article, “The Tallow Terrors” by Lynn Lewis
    – 12th Skidaway Audubon Golf Tournament names Tallows and Turtles as project beneficiaries
    – Audubon provides Tallowtree Project with $1000 budget
    – TTs remove 191; Magnolia course COMPLETE
  • April
    – 80 flyers tubed to residents with Tallowtrees noted
    – Journal Article, “Carpenters Conquer Goliath-sized Tallow Tree, by Lynn Lewis
    – Green Thumb volunteers form work party in Naturalized area of Marshwood Club (83 removed)
    – TTs remove 231 (Loss of 2 TTs due to severe poison ivy)
  • May
    – 2nd Free Tree Replacement Program Complete: 20 residents took down 1 or more with only 10 wanting a replacement…2 went to Carpenters for their monster specimen
    – Sundew is FIRST “community” to tag their own area for TTs to follow up
    – TWATL Article, “A Singular Focus on the Invasive Tallow Tree”, by Mal Welch
    – TWATL Cover, Winners of 2010 Skidaway Environmental Stewardship Award, Chuck Owen (Blue Birds), A.F. (Chinese Tallowtree removal), Carolyn McInerney (Loggerhead Turtles).
    – TTs remove 220
  • June
    – Green Thumb offers funding restricted to Chinese Tallowtree Project: $1,137.67
    – 4 tagging parties conducted
    – TTs remove 189: Sundew COMPLETE
  • July
    – TTs remove 17: Palmeto front nine
  • August
    – TTs remove 32: Oakridge course COMPLETE
  • September
    – Journal Article, Q & A, “What is this issue of “invasives about…”by Jan Wright, Green Thumb
    – A.F. trained for and received a Private Applicator’s License so she can supervise Hack and Squirt (HAS) work parties applying restricted use herbicides such as Tordon RTU
    – TTs remove 65: Deer Creek course COMPLETE
  • October
    – Chip Bates, Forest Health Specialist, GA Forestry Commission demonstrates HAS method, filmed by Tom Baldacci for future training reference .
    – 15 HAS parties conducted (TLA woods in MW, DC, and OR)
    – TTs remove 225 and start using Tordon RTU (instead of Roundup)
  • November
    – 11 HAS and tagging Parties conducted (TLA woods in MW, Nature Preserve, and DC; MW Club)
    – TTs remove 134: Landings Way N, Soccer field woods, DC maintenance path
  • December
    – Walk through review of South Spray Fields: D.M., A.F., DC Superintendents (Strahm & Frank)
    – TTs remove 80: TLA Admin area, soccer field



  • January
    – Meeting to consider TT winter work: Sean Burgess (TLA Envir. Control), D.M., A.F.
    – Meeting re P courses: Mike Perham, A.F.
    – Holiday Appreciation Letter sent to all involved outlining accomplishments since 2007
    – Distributed notices from TLA/Burgess to owners of homes between Priest Landing & Lagoon 1
    – TTs remove 10: previously HASd along Bartram/Priest Landing Lagoon 1
  • February
    – Consult Sapelo Marine Biologist, Dorset Hurley re chemical advice – recommends power drill & syringe application (Tordon & Clearcast, let stand longer than 90 days)
    – Summit Meeting, Spray Field Work Agreement: Ray Herrington & Ron Medders, Utilities Inc; Mal Welch, A.F. & D.M., Skidaway Audubon; Sean Burgess, Paul Kurilla, TLA. D.M. and A.F.to coordinate directly with UIG, keys to be provided for gate access, all parties to support volunteer work financially…chemical choice – CLEARCAST asap
    – Don McCulloch, TT Supreme, NAMED VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR 2010 !!!
    – Pizza party to honor the Tallow Terrors and celebrate D.M.’s award
    – TTs remove 118: Lagoon 1, Harbor Marina, MW back range
  • March
    – Journal article by Lynn Lewis
  • – TTs sponsor hole for Audubon Golf Tournament
  • March & April
    – TTs “stand down” – nesting season
  • April
    – Field trip review of North Spray Fields (NSF) with Sean Burgess. Map & keys provided.
    – Skidaway Audubon Website Training to enable input to the Tallow link, A.F.
    – 2 HAS parties (Palmeto #10 & behind practice range, Midpoint, Wiley Bottom)
    – TTs remove 56: Dog Park, DC Shellwind
  • June
    – 9 HAS parties (from 1 – 6 people). Both retreat & missed trees: Public Works; Dog Park & Maintenance area; Nature Trail north and south; Midpoint; PAL#1-6, #7,#8; PL Front & Back; OR #14; MW #1,#6,#8,#10,#12,#14,#15,#17,#18, back range and Lagoon 13; Lagoon 3,2; DC Oak Glade Ct.
    – TTs remove 78: Islander’s Retreat COMPLETE
  • July
    – 1 HAS working with TTs on Palmeto #7 & #8
    – TTs remove 70: Palmetto
  • August
    – 3 HAS parties (UIG fence line opposite MAG #15;PAL#1-#6; PL parking lot)
    – TTs remove 135: Plantation course COMPLETE; UIG fence line across from MAG #15
  • September
    – 5 HAS parties (Lagoon 3, 2; Sparrow field)
    – TTs remove 65: Palmeto course COMPLETE in time for USGA Women’s State Team Championship; Lagoon 1 & 3; MAG #4
  • October
    – Mal Welch coordinates with Bartlett Tree to include invasive tallow info in their island-wide advertising and initiates update of C.A.R.E. flyer for professional “rack card” design
    – Contact/liaison with Savannah Tree Foundation
    – 8 HAS parties (Lagoon #2, #1; NSF 6B; Long Island Rd, OR, Lagoon 35)
    – TTs remove 155: START Club’s NORTH SPRAY FIELD (NSF)
  • November
    – 9 HAS and tagging parties (Maint. Rd. along Lagoon 131, DC #14, #15; NSF, 5 complete, start 2, tagged 1; Diamond Causeway)
    – TTs remove 270: COMPLETE NSF 6A and 6B
  • December
    – TLA provides first 5 gallons of Clearcast for TT and HAS use – cost $1,173 ($234.60 per gal)
    – 7 HAS and tagging parties (NSF 2 complete; woods between lagoon 1, 2 and UIG ponds)
    – TTs remove 53: COMPLETE NSF 5B

………….. GRAND TOTAL REMOVED AS OF DECEMBER 2011: 2,862 !!!!


  • January
    – Educational “Rack Card” with seasonal tallow pictures professionally designed, 1000 printed, perfect for tubing as residential notices
    – South Spray Field SUMMIT: Ron Medders, UIG; Mike Perham, Club; Sean Burgess, TLA; Don and Ann, Skidaway Audubon. UIG agrees to use fellabuncher in South Field 10 (the “Forbidding Area”) followed by A.F. with hand sprayer as necessary for resprouting and UIG will clear TTs felled trees where they lie as long as funds allow – no more cutting, clearing, and piling! HUGE HELP!
    – TTs remove 369 (COMPLETE NSF 5A, BEGIN CLEARCAST in “experimental field” 1)
  • February
    – Surveyed North & South Spray Fields mapping areas of tallow concentrations – provided to R.M., UIG for suggested fellabuncher application.
    – TTs remove 530 (COMPLETE NSF 1A & 1B)
  • Mach & April
    – TTs “stand down” – nesting season (A.F & D.M. remove 90 missed in NSF 1)
  • March
    – Interview by Barbara Carty for publicity strategy with Mary Landers
    – Attend Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area seminar (CISMA), Richmond Hill
    – Tallow DNA scientist confirmed only Jessup trees genetically linked to “aggressive” trees invading Texas, LA, FL. Ours from Wormsloe seem not to be spreading much farther North or South.
    – 4 HAS parties (MW Club woods by Dame Kathryn; Lagoon 2 to UIG; NSF 1/power station
  • April
    – 5 HAS parties of 1 to 4 people (NSF 1/power station; UIG McWhorter/Sparrow field/Lagoon2; NSF1 tordoned hundreds missed, but NO REGROWTH from winter TT Clearcast work 1/9- 2/20/2012; Revisit OR #15 AGAIN
  • May
    – Attend “All Things Live Oak” workshop and tour by Sav. Tree Fdn, Coastal GA center
    – 6 HAS parties 1-6 people (NSF 4A&B)
    – Green Thumb Garden Tour “showcased” 4 tallows in Diane Franz’s yard with docents & tri-fold panels of articles & pictures; rack card hand outs – GREAT EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY
    – TTs remove 410 (COMPLETE fields 2 & 4B)
  • June
    – 9 HAS parties 1-6 people ((NSF, Finished 4A, 3A&B, 8; Recycling Ctr,Fire Station, GreyHeron)
    – TTs work 2 Mondays, remove 256
  • July
    – TTs work 4 Mondays, remove 629 FINISHING NORTH SPRAY FIELD!!!!!

…..RUNNING TOTAL AS OF JULY 30, 2012: 5,146 !!!!!



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