The Skidaway Audubon Name

Our name is a result of our affilitation with Audubon International, the originator 20 years ago of a certification program for golf courses. Fewer than 5% of the golf courses in the U.S. are Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries, a rigorous multi-pronged program that this organization oversees, “designed to help golf courses protect our natural environment and preserve the natural heritage of the game.” Even among the 1900 golf courses participating in the program, only 38% have reached certification. (You can find details about the program at The Landings Club under Golf.)

All six courses of The Landings Club have been certified since 2002; however the process does not end with certification. Each course must be recertified every two years. Certification is a cooperative effort of the leadership of The Landings Club, spearheaded by Tyson Helsel, Director of Golf Course Maintenance North, and Skidaway Audubon Committee volunteers Caryl Warner, George Word and Chuck Smith.

We are sometimes confused with the Audubon Society, which is Ogeechee Audubon in our area. We greatly esteem this affiliate of the national society and are pleased when our paths and purposes cross, but we are a separate organization

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