Collaboration is the key to the success of all Skidaway Audubon projects, in both manpower and funding. Contributions from Landlovers, Green Thumb and The Landings garden clubs have moved many projects forward. The capabilities of the Association’s Public Works staff, The Landings Club’s Directors of Maintenance, the leadership at UGA Marex and the Skidaway Island State Park, and their willingness to share their expertise and time make it all possible.

Supporters who play in the annual golf tournament, donate, buy raffle tickets and sponsor holes are the mainstay of our financial support.

Thanks to all.

Thank You!

For their support of the Eagle Cam Project, we salute The Landings Club and The Landings Association. Also to Southside Fire for getting our camera installer 80’ into the tree above the nest.

Donations to the project came from Ogeechee Audubon, CCA of Skidaway Island, The Georgia Golf Course Superintendents Association and the Georgia Golf Environmental Foundation.

A Landlovers grant was received in April 2014 designated for the design of a Skidaway Island map with historical and natural sites, as part of the Community Sustainability Certification Project.

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