Friends of Skidaway Audubon

In 2008 Skidaway Audubon was founded to support The Landings Club in their efforts to seek certification renewals of all six golf courses as  Audubon Cooperative Environmental Sanctuaries. The Landings Club works diligently, in cooperation with Audubon International, to improve and expand on their commitment to sustainable resource management.

Over the years, the focus of Skidaway Audubon has expanded to encompass a variety of projects from the Owl Cam to the Tallow Terrors to Diamondback Terrapin Rescue and numerous other ventures. The organization is currently comprised of eleven Board members. Our annual Audubon Golf Tournament, which will be held on March 18, 2019,  is the major fund raiser that provides financial support for these ongoing projects:  

Sustainable Skidaway     Pollinator Berm Garden     Blue Bird Trail

Bird Cam   Tallow Tree Removal    Diamondback Terrapin Rescue

Bat Abodes    Read & Learn Program     Golf Course Recertification

Bottle Brigade       Recycling Receptacles        Interpretive Signage

Weather Stations     Water Conservation 

AND….We are constantly searching for new ideas to add to this list!

This year, we had over 500 folks join the Terrapin volunteers for hatchling releases at Sunset Park. The Pollinator Berm Garden toured groups large and small from on and off island while the Owl/Osprey Cam generated  interest from around the globe. During these presentations, the questions we have been asked repeatably are “How do we join Skidaway Audubon?”, “How do we get involved in Skidaway Audubon?”  “How do we support the work of Skidaway Audubon?” To address these inquires, the Board formed a sub-committee and has initiated a program to encompass non-voting members that will become FRIENDS OF SKIDAWAY AUDUBON.  Your tax-deductible contribution to become a FRIEND will allow us to raise the level of environmental awareness within the community. The mission of the program is to educate and engage our residents in programs designed to  protect, conserve and enhance the island’s natural resources.  We will be offering topical programs, family and youth excursions, Nature Nights, newsletters and partnering with other organizations to attract nationally recognized speakers on conservation, sustainability and our natural world.

The introduction to our FRIENDS program will be an exciting venture into the world of raptors. The Center for Wildlife Education  from The University of Southern Georgia, will join us on January 12th at the TLA Athletic Field at 1:00 PM. The program will consist of a raptor flight demonstration and an interesting presentation to help us understand these magnificent birds of prey…and the opportunity for a personal introduction to some of the participants. The special guest will be “Freedom”, the very well-known bald eagle mascot of USG.  PLEASE NOTE: no dogs will be permitted at this event. If a dog (large, small or in between) is present, the demonstration will not include the birds in flight. So please, be mindful of others, keep your pets safe, and leave your four-legged friends safely at home.

During the event, we hope you will take the opportunity to come meet our committee members, give us your suggestions on programs of interest to you and your family and sign up to become a member of the Friends of Skidaway Audubon. 

Every individual leaves a lasting mark on our environment, let’s strive to make that mark as positive as humanly possible!

 Educate…Engage…Enhance our world!


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