May, 2017:  Back to work

The Tallow Terrors resumed work Monday after a two month hiatus to let the birds procreate. Five enthusiastic TTs did excellent work…Phil Boyer, Steve Rice, Brian Burtnik, Whitey Carpenter, and Ed Conant. They were rained on, but it stopped after 15 minutes and they had a productive day. The photo shows the nearly dried out but happy Steve Rice and Brian Burtnik standing next to the pile of dead Tallows placed next to the curb for County pickup. 

They worked at 27 and 29 Little Comfort Road and eliminated 115 Tallows, including some seed bearers and many immature trees between 6 and 15 feet in height. There is one large seed bearer they did not get to at #27, but they’ll take it down at a later date.
The Tallow Terrors running total is now 35,664.
It was good to be back cutting Tallows!

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