February 25, 2019

It was a beautiful day in the woods at the north end of Skidaway, and nine of us had a productive outing. Brian Burtnik, John Taylor, David Frothingham, Scott Warden,  Pete Altman, Jeff Gendelman, Bart Davis, and Al Rosenbaum did an outstanding job, cutting down 471 Tallows, including 25 seed trees.

Below is a photo of six of the team posing next to an eagle’s head Bart Davis carved with his chain saw in a downed pine tree.

We’ll be shut down for March and April to allow the birds to nest in peace. Tallows are starting to bud, so it is an excellent time to locate trees for our return to action in May.

The running total for the TTs is 46,905 before +471 Monday equals 47,376 trees to date.


February 18, 2019

Once again we dodged the rain and had a successful day in the woods. We had a record ten of us working, and we found enough trees to keep everyone busy, cutting down 433 Tallows, including 18 seed trees. Great work by Brian Burtnik, John Taylor, David Frothingham, Scott Warden, Steve Rice, Pete Altman, Jeff Gendelman, Bart Davis, and Al Rosenbaum.

We’ll return to the UGA property next Monday for our last day before shutting down in March and April. 

On Saturday February 9th Don McCulloch made a Landings Tallow eradication program presentation at the UGA Aquarium. The history was provided to the Coastal Stewards Workshop sponsored by UGA. Don did an outstanding job, impressing everyone with the effectiveness of our 12 year effort that started with Ann Fenstermacher and two boy scouts.

The running total for the TTs is 46,472 before +433 Monday equals 46,905 trees to date.

February 11, 2019

Monday was very shaky due to rain forecasts, and I gave the four men scheduled to work the option to stay home. Guess what…they all showed up in the drizzle. Impressed, the rain gods stopped the rain, and we had another good day.

Working on UGA property on the north end of Skidaway Island, Bart Davis, John Taylor, Pete Altman, and David Frothingham killed 222 Tallows, including 18 seed trees. Thank you gentlemen…double wages for your initiative!

The running total for the TTs is 46,250 before + 222 Monday equals 46,472 trees to date.

February 4, 2019

Monday was another productive day under ideal conditions on UGA property at the north end of Skidaway Island. Steve Rice, Bart Davis, David Frothingham, John Taylor, and Brian Burtnik cut down 337 Tallows, including about 45 seed trees. These large trees have likely been the source of many of the Tallows we have inside The Landings.

The running total for the TTs is 45,913 before + 337 Monday equals 46,250 trees to date.

January 28, 2019

Today the Tallow Terrors worked in ideal conditions on UGA property at the north end of the island.  We had pleasant temperature, sunshine, no wet spots, no thick brush, trees did not have to be hauled away, and a target rich environment. In this Tallow killing field, a large group of Bart Davis, David Frothingham, John Taylor, Steve Rice, Brian Burtnik, and Scott Warden did a great job taking down 599 Tallows, many of them seed trees.

Tallow Trees within the Landings Community still have priority, but we know of very few within our capability still standing. We work on the north end of Skidaway Island to eliminate trees that grow seeds that birds and wind can carry to The Landings. The trees have lost almost all their leaves, but we can still identify them by their shape, bark. and occasional dried leaves. 

The running total for the TTs now is 45,314 before + 599 Monday = 45,913 to date.

January 21, 2019

Bart Davis was in charge, working on UGA property for a second week.  Assisted ably by Taylor, Altman and Frothingham, this fearsome foursome had a big day taking out another 198 tallows.  25 to 30 of these were seed trees. David and John had some really good sized ones.
So the running total for the TTs now is 45,116 before + 198 today = 45,314 to date.

January 14, 2019

Bart Davis was in charge, working on UGA property.  Assisted ably by Taylor, Altman, Burtnik, Frothingham and Warden, this dynamic six man team had a big day taking out 268 tallows.  At least 20 of these were seed trees.
So the running total for the TTs is 44,848 before + 268 yesterday = 45,116 to date.

January 7, 2019

Today we took advantage of the great weather and the fact that Tallows still have some identifying yellow leaves to complete all the roadside Tallows on Osca and McWhorter Roads all the way to their ends at Priest Landing and the UGA Campus. We had earlier finished Diamond Causeway and Green Island Road so Tallows have been removed from the sides of all the public roads.

We found a dense grove of primarily lopper sized Tallows off McWhorter just South of the GPC Power station, and they were about 90 percent of today’s total of 464 trees. We also eliminated trees on Calico Crab Retreat and Woodbrook Court. Great work by David Frothingham, Brian Burtnik, Scott Warden, and John Taylor.

During the past two weeks when we were officially shut down the weather motivated several of us to operate with loppers throughout The Landings. We eliminated 53 trees on Palmetto, Plantation, Marshwood, Magnolia, and Deer Creek golf courses, 25 on the North side of Diamond Causeway near the bridge, 45 on Club property between Palmer’s Draw and Dame Kathryn Drive, and 260 off McWhortrer for a total of 383. Thanks much to John Taylor and Steve Rice for their extra effort.

These numbers are higher than normal primarily due to the dense grove south of the GPC substation. The numbers will be smaller in subsequent weeks as we take on the large trees on UGA property at the north end of the island.

The running total for the TTs is 44,001 plus 464 today plus 383 during our shutdown for a total of 44,848 Tallows eliminated. 

December 17, 2018

It was a beautiful day in the woods today, and our crew of six took maximum advantage of good weather and the fact that Tallows have turned yellow while most of the rest of the vegetation is still green. It is their annual ritual of standing out from the crowd and saying “Come cut me!”  We did and we will.

Bart Davis, John Taylor, Steve Rice, Brian Burtnik, and Scott Warden eliminated 196 Tallows. We mostly worked along the public roads, completing Green Island Road to the end and McWhorter from Skidaway Farms to the UGA campus. We also worked on OSCA Road, and have that and the remainder of McWhorter to complete.

Included in the above were eight seed trees off Osca and McWhorter Roads, five trees in the Deer Creek Golf Maintenance area, five on Magnolia #14, and two next to the Marshwood gate.

The running total for the TTs is 43,705 plus 296 today for a total of = 44,001 to date…another milestrone.

With the next two Mondays being Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, the TTs will not have any more formal workdays in 2018.   Well done to the above plus Don McCulloch, Whitey Carpenter, Pete Altman, Cary Shapoff, Al Rosenbaum, Jeff Gendelman, and David Frothingham who eliminated more than 4,000 Tallows in 2018. We are making great progress!

December 10, 2018

Davis, Rice, Altman, Burtnik, Frothingham, Rosenbaum and Warden had a big day killing tallows in the Magnolia Crossing area, taking down 4 seed trees and 30 smaller ones, some of those still needing a saw.  What started out to be just a few lots, ended up being the whole neighborhood.  After the main session, Al and Scott killed 5 more, for a total of 39.

In addition, at various times over the past few weeks, Steve Rice removed 4 on Magnolia #16, 3 on Plantation (1 each on #1, #9 and #16), 5 on Palmetto (path between #7 and #8) and, best of all, an 8-10 footer on Deer Creek #18, 85 yards from the green on marsh side, so that’s 13 more.

So the running total for the TTs is 43,653 before + 39 today + 13 = 43,705 to date.

December 3, 2018

A wet morning with standing water, deep in places, widespread and current/imminent rain that could wash off the Clearcast before it could do its job.  Davis, Burtnik, Warden and Taylor showed up but had to postpone the tallow killing session until next Monday.

Later in the morning, when the rain stopped for a while, Bart was able to kill 3 tallows around the Oakridge Club and Wellness Center complex and then also recut and kill a sizable previously untreated tallow stump nearby on Breakfast Court.

So the running total for the TTs is 43,649 before + 4 today = 43,653 to date.

November 26, 2018

We had a full house today and the results showed it. Thanks to Bart Davis, John Taylor, Steve Rice, Brian Burtnik, Pete Altman, David Frothingham, Jeff Gendelman, and Scott Warden we took down 368 Tallows. Scott is a newcomer to the TTs, and it was good to have another “young” member…he’s under 70.

Seven men continued working both sides of Osca Road on the north end of Skidaway Island where we got the majority of today’s trees. These woods have many large Tallows, and we took down more than a dozen seed trees among the three hundred total in the area. There are still many trees on Utilities Inc. and UGA property there, and we’ll be coming back for the foreseeable future. 

We also had a two man team working the TLA owned wooded area on the north side of Diamond Causeway from State Park Road past The Marshes property. That area is now completed. We also took down Tallows on Salt Meadow Court, Stargrass Retreat, and on Marshwood #10.

I noticed a six inch Tallow seedling in my yard in March, and In order to see how big a tree would get in one season, I let it grow. The photo below shows how it grew into a six foot sapling in eight months. The tree had full sun and the advantage of a sprinkler system, so the growth is more than we would expect in the wild. In any case, it shows how fast Tallows grow and thus the challenge of keeping them under control. Having served its purpose, today the tree was sent to the Tallow Happy Hunting Grounds.


The running total for the TTs is 43,281  previously plus 368 today, equaling 43,649 Tallows.

November 19, 2018

For our first outing on UGA property the four of us [Davis, Frothingham, Altman and Rosenbaum] did quite well.  Over 150 trees.

The OSCA Rd crew (Pete and Al) got 75 and have said we need 4 or more next week to finish the road to the end.

David and Don went up near the institute, got 75, pulled a number out also, then found what hasn’t been seen since the South Spray Fields.  A Target Rich Environment. There are tallows that are at least a foot in diameter, that will require Don’s big saw, and hundreds of smaller trees.  We will do that area probably starting in January since the trees are easy to spot.

The running total for the TTs is 43,131 previously + 150 today = 43,281 to date.

November 12, 2018

For only three of us (Rice, Frothingham and Davis) we did a great job, taking out 124 tallows, mostly with loppers but 35-40 with chain saws.

Section 8B is done and the North Spray Fields are now good for a few years.  Bart told Utilities, Inc. that the TTs are finished there for now.

The running total for the TTs is 43,007 previously + 124 today = 43,131 to date.

November 5, 2018

For five guys [Al Rosenbaum, Brian Burtnik, David Frothingham, John Taylor and Bart Davis] on a wet day, we did all right.  Finished North Spray Field rows 4A and B, with a total of 187. Mostly loppers but about 25-30 with chain saws.  Since it started to drizzle, we didn’t (by popular vote) continue to 8B which is next weeks area.

Thanks to Al, Brian, David, and John we are out of that area for a few years.  The running total for the TTs is 42,820 tallows previously plus187 today, equaling 43,007 to date.

October 29, 2018

The TTs worked in the North Spray Field today and eliminated 243 Tallows. We took down one seed tree and a number of good sized Tallows that would become seed trees in several years. There are 14 rows in the NSF, and we have eliminated the Tallows in eleven of them.

Thanks to David Frothingham, Al Rosenbaum, John Taylor, Pete Altman, Steve Rice, and Jeff Gendelman for their fine work. Also thanks to Wayne Lanier for shutting down the spray heads in the appropriate rows.

The running total for the TTs is 42,577 previously plus 243 today, equaling 42,820 Tallows.

October 22, 2018

The TTs enjoyed pleasant weather and relatively benign conditions in the NSF and the residential community. Steve Rice and John Taylor took down a seed tree at She-Crab Circle in Oakridge and 50 saplings along the cart path between the Marshwood Clubhouse and Dame Kathryn Drive. Thank you Sean Burgess for arranging to pick up the Marshwood debris. We also eliminated a sapling behind Magnolia #14 Green.

David Frothingham, Al Rosenbaum, Pete Altman, and Jeff Gendelman worked in the NSF and took down a seed tree, numerous large trees not quite seed trees, and many saplings for a total of 154 Tallows. Well done to all!

Thanks to Wayne Lanier for shutting down the sprinkler heads in rows 3 and 4.

The running total for the TTs is 42,371 previously plus 206 today, equaling 42,577 Tallows.

October 15, 2018

Today we divided into four teams, with two working in the NSF, one in the SSF, and one within the residential community.  We eliminated 202 Tallows, most from the NSF. Significantly, we took down two seed trees in the SSF and two in Oakridge.
Excellent work today by Don McCulloch, Brian Burtnik, John Taylor, Steve Rice, Pete Altman, David Frothingham, and Jeff Gendelman.
We took down Tallows at private properties on Village Green Circle, Shellwind, Wishmore Retreat, Calico Crab Retreat, Log Landing, Scotch Bonnet, and Seawatch. Location of these Tallows came from a variety of sources over the past several weeks. Several property owners called in after reading Carolyn McInerney’s article in TWATL, one was identified by Deer Creek dog walker Nancy Sheets, another from dog walker Karen Burroughs, and three were identified visually from the golf course. All reports are appreciated!

The running total for the TTs is 42,169 previously plus 202 today, equaling 42,371 Tallows.

October 8, 2018

We passed another milestone yesterday as the Tallow Terrors have now cut down more than 42,000 trees!

We split into three teams of two and the TTs cut down 193 Tallows in the NSF and in the area between the churches on West Ridge Road and the SSF.  Don McCulloch and John Taylor finished the area behind the churches. Those working in the NSF completed the area adjoining Skidaway Farms. Bart Davis, Whitey Carpenter, David Frothingham, and Steve Rice were outstanding in the NSF.

Next week we’ll return to the NSF and also take down some trees on private property within the residential community.

The running total for the TTs is 41,976 previously plus 193 today, equaling 42,169 Tallows.

October 1, 2018

The Tallow Terrors split into two teams today, one working in the North Spray Field adjacent to Skidaway Farms and the other in the residential community. David Frothingham and Jeff Gendelman eliminated 66 trees in the NSF.

A property on Wylie Bottom had a tree requiring ropes in the front yard and numerous saplings in the back. But the big surprise was a huge Tallow sighted just as we thought we had completed work. This tree was 60 feet tall and very healthy…thousands of seed pods. We took it down with no damage, and then cut it up and took it to the curb using Brian Burtnik’s handy golf cart that has a platform in the rear.

See the photos below showing Steve Rice cutting the tree and, left to right, Steve Rice, David Frothingham, and Brian Burtnik standing in front of the debris pile. We ended up eliminating 28 trees on this property. We have found and eliminated many Tallows in this part of Wylie Bottom, and getting rid of this massive seed maker will reduce the number of future saplings. The initial report of Tallows on the property was made by James Cunningham, who operates a local tree service.













The running total for the TTs is 41,882 previously plus 94 today, equaling 41,976 Tallows.


September 24, 2018

It was another day in the jungles of the North Spray Field for the Tallow Terrors. We had a record ten men working today, and the results showed it. Thanks to John Taylor, Jeff Gendelman, Bart Davis, Whitey Carpenter, Pete Altman, Brian Burtnik, and David Frothingham for eliminating 167 Tallows in the NSF, including at least seven seed trees.  Don McCulloch and Al Rosenbaum worked in the wooded area south of the SSF and they eliminated 59 trees.

We also eliminated eight trees near Skidaway Farms during the week thanks to a sighting report from Karen Burroughs.

The running total for the TTs is 41,648 previously plus 234 this reporting period, equaling 41,882 Tallows.


September 17, 2018

Today was another day in the jungles of the NSF, where pushing your way through the brush is more difficult than cutting down the Tallows. Ed Conant has worked in the woods with the Tallow Terrors about eight years, and he has never seen the underbrush so thick. This summer must have provided the perfect mix of sunshine and rain to encourage growth.

Don McCulloch, John Taylor, Al Rosenbaum, and David Frothingham persevered and did an excellent job taking down 85 Tallows. Many were large, and those are the most important. We will continue to work in the NSF for some time to come.

The running total for the TTs is 41,563 previously plus 85 today, equaling 41,648 Tallows.


September 10, 2018

Today we worked in the NSF with four trusty Tallow Terrors working under difficult conditions in heavy brush and fallen logs. Well done to Don McCulloch, Pete Altman, John Taylor, and Brian Burtnik. We will concentrate our efforts in the NSF for the next several months as the Landings Club will not be thinning out the woods there until the fall of 2019 at the soonest.

We eliminated 83 Tallows today, including ten seed trees. Thanks to Wayne Lanier for shutting down the sprinkler heads in row six. We didn’t work on Labor Day, but in the past two weeks we eliminated 36 scattered trees on Cedar Marsh Retreat, Priory Road, Marsh Tower Lane, the SSF, and at Marshwood #12. 

We continue to eliminate Tallows within The Landings residential community when discovered, and currently do not know of any. Let us know if you find one!

The running total for the TTs is 41,444 previously plus 119 this two week period, equaling 41,563 Tallows.


August 27, 2018

We split into two teams today and worked in the SSF, TLC property next to Magnolia #6 tee, and near the UIC settling ponds off OSCA Road. Many thanks to Don McCulloch, Al Rosenbaum and Brian Burtnik. We took down 189 Tallows, most with loppers, about one fifth required a chain saw. We took down one large seed tree in the SSF…always glad to get a seed tree!

A large seed tree was taken down at Pond Pine Court in Oakridge. Thanks to the owners Ken and Jacki Ernst who paid to have it removed when it was too close to their house for the TTs to remove. TTs did treat the stump to prevent regrowth. Seed trees within the community are our highest priority, and it is good to have this monster down!

The running total for the TTs is 41,255 previously plus 189 today, equaling 41,444 Tallows.


August 13, 2018

We had five TTs working today and were able to split into two teams. One group worked in the SSF and eliminated 72 trees, many good sized requiring a chain saw. The other team eliminated 23 trees, completing the TLA owned area between Hasleiter’s Retreat and Angler’s Court, and also on the cart path to the gazebo at the end of Hasleiter’s . Well done and thanks to Al Rosenbaum, John Taylor, Pete Altman, and Brian Burtnik.

Also thanks to Karen Burroughs who pulled numerous Tallow seedlings in a vacant lot on Shellworth Crossing.

We also eliminated 23 saplings during the week at Ale House Retreat, Waterside Road, Westshell Court, Oakridge #16, Plantation #9, and various TLA parcels on Log Landing Road, Raindance Court, and the TLA parking lot. 

The running total for the TTs is 41,137 previously plus 118 since last reported, equaling 41,255 Tallows.


August 6, 2018

Today we again worked in the TLA owned wooded area between Hasleiter’s Retreat and Angler’s Court. With the cooperation of property owners on Angler’s Court we took down 18 trees heavily entangled in vines. The good news is that at least two of the trees eliminated were seed trees with seed pods already formed.  Outstanding work by John Taylor and Pete Altman for persevering in humid and difficult conditions.

Since the last report we also eliminated eight Tallows on Waterside Road, Westshell Court, and adjoining DC #13 tee box.

Thanks to scout extraordinaire Karen Burroughs who pulled up a dozen or more Tallow seedlings along the nature trail while walking her dog. It is difficult for a Tallow in Midpoint to survive Karen’s detection.

The running total for the TTs is 41,111 previously plus 26 since July 30th, equaling 41,137 Tallows.


July 30, 2018

Today we eliminated trees on properties in Marshwood and Oakridge. Al Rosenbaum, John Taylor, and a new addition to our merry band, Pete Altman, had a successful morning. In Marshwood we eliminated trees on Perriwinkle Lane, Ogeechee Ferry Lane, Ale House Retreat, Deer Run, and between Magnolia #13 green and #14 tee. In Oakridge we worked on TLA property between homes on the west side of Angler’s Court and the east side of Hasleiter’s Retreat. The majority of the trees were taken down with loppers in this stretch of Association property. 

Thanks to Amber Capps for obtaining permission from the owner of the Ogeechee Ferry Lane property for the TTs to remove their trees.

The running total for the TTs is 41,005 previously plus 106 today, equaling 41,111 Tallows.


July 23, 2018

We worked on private property today eliminating newly discovered trees in Oakridge and Deer Creek. We took down trees on Sea Oats Lane, Angler’s Court, Hasleiter’s Retreat, Shellwind Drive, Sedgewater Retreat and the 12th hole on Deer Creek golf course. Importantly, we took down three seed trees which would have spread seeds throughout Oakridge.

Once again the all important reporting of trees is the key to our success, along with the property owners’ granting permission to remove them. The Deer Creek trees were all adjacent to the golf course and noted during normal play, and the Oakridge trees were discovered by several yard service companies who relayed the information to the owners who contacted us. There are more trees in the community, and all reports are appreciated.

Well done to Don McCulloch, Al Rosenbaum, and David Frothingham for taking down a total of 78 Tallows. Next Monday we will continue on private property in Marshwood and Oakridge.

The running total for the TTs is 40,927 previously plus 78 this week, equaling 41,005 Tallows…passing another thousand tree threshold.


July 16, 2018

This morning we worked primarily in the South Spray Field to eliminate the Tallows surveyed by Don McCulloch. We also eliminated trees on DC #4 and DC #17, and on Crape Myrtle Court for a total of 36 trees. Many thanks to David Frothingham, John Taylor, and Al Rosenbaum.

The highlight of today’s activity was taking down two large seed trees in the SSF. One was about 70 feet tall, the tallest Tallow Ed Conant has seen. The attached photo is the tree after it was down, and you can barely see Ed standing at the far end of the tree waving his hat. Another seed tree was taken down last week when the property owner on Pepper Bush Circle paid to have a seed tree removed professionally. It was a tree too close to the home for the TTs to remove, and the property owner’s cooperation is appreciated.

The running total for the TTs is 40,891 previously plus 36 Monday, equaling 40,927 Tallows.


July 9, 2018

We continued work in the NSF on Monday, including the elimination of a very large seed tree. John Taylor and David Frothingham qualified as jungle warriors pushing through the Dog Fennel and briars to get at the trees. Well done.

Importantly, Don McCulloch surveyed a large part of the South Spray Field (SSF) to see the impact of the TLA tree thinning project on Tallow seedlings. We had been through the SSF several times in previous years, and there were only scattered Tallows remaining prior to the tree thinning project. Our concern was the disturbance caused by the trucks and tractors would cause dormant seeds to germinate, and removal of the tree canopy would allow sunshine to facilitate growth. That appears not to be a major problem. The dog fennel, briars, etc. have grown quickly and not allowed sunlight to penetrate, and significant regrowth was not observed.

Don’s conclusion:  So this near clear cutting operation, at least by this first look, seems to be beneficial to decreasing tallow re-growth!

This is good news.

The running total for the TTs is 40,855 previously plus 36 Monday, equaling 40,891 Tallows. 


July 2, 2018

A relatively quiet Monday for the TTs as only David Frothingham and Ed Conant were available to work. We eliminated 34 Tallows in the NSF, continuing the battle through the heavy undergrowth experienced the past several outings. David is a welcome addition to our merry band and is an experienced saw operator.

The running total for the TTs is 40,821 previously plus 34 Monday, equaling 40,855 Tallows


June 25, 2018

Monday was hot and humid, but we were able to make headway in the NSF and within the community. One three man team worked within the NSF and eliminated 53 trees, including 2 seed trees. A two man team worked inside The Landings, eliminating 22 recently reported Tallows, including one seed tree and others that were close to becoming seed bearers. Excellent work by Steve Rice, Don McCulloch, Al Rosenbaum, and John Taylor.

In addition to the trees in the NSF, trees were eliminated on Osprey Court, Hasleiter’s Retreat, Back River Circle, #2 Palmetto, #4 Deer Creek, inside the Marshwood Maintenance area, and next to the lagoon in front of the library .

The trees were reported by our regular spotters…Don McCulloch, Wayne Lanier, Karen Burroghs, and Steve Rice. Please be alert for Tallows as you walk your dog, drive your golf cart, or take a walk. As the Tallow population within the community gets smaller, finding them becomes as difficult as taking them down, and we really appreciate Tallow reports. Call Ed Conant or Amber Capps, or go online to See/Click/Fix which goes to Amber. Thank you in advance!

The running total for the TTs is 40,746 previously plus 75 Monday, equaling 40,821 Tallows. 


June 18, 2018

Today we completed eliminating the Tallows within the Power Line right of way between the Fire Station and the GPC substation off McWhorter Road. The crew of Don McCulloch, Al Rosenbaum, Steve Rice, and John Taylor worked through the brambles and heat to eliminate 187 Tallows. We also pulled up several hundred seedlings which don’t count in the total. Nearly all the trees were taken down with loppers. Don also eliminated nine Tallow saplings on Pond Pine Court…well done to all.

To get a sense of the heat, humidity, and brush, here’s a picture of John after fighting his way through the dog fennel.

Next week we will go into the North Spray Field itself, where Wayne Lanier has reported at least one seed tree and many other Tallows. The fact that we don’t find seed trees often is a good indicator that we are getting ahead of more Tallow seeds in the community. 

The running total for the TTs is 40,550 previously plus 196 Monday, equaling 40,746 Tallows.


June 11, 2018

After a three week gap due to Memorial Day and not enough workers June 4th, a small crew attacked the Tallows with a vengeance Monday morning. Working under the power line between the Recycling Center and the GPC Substation off McWhorter Road, John Taylor, Don McCulloch, and Steve Rice eliminated 252 Tallows in difficult conditions due to dense growth of briers. Nearly all the Tallows were 5 to 12 foot tall saplings which were new growth from the many seed trees taken down in the area in recent years. Don also eliminated ten Tallow saplings on Pond Pine Court…well done to all.

A big boost to Tallow eradication efforts was the TLA survey conducted last week by Sean Burgess and Amber Capps. They determined there are still 11 properties with known seed trees where the owners will either not give permission for the volunteers to remove them or professional removal is required. All of these property owners had been notified last year that their trees needed to be removed. Sean and Amber will be working with TLA leadership to determine the next steps to eliminate these trees which will seed their neighborhoods if left standing.

Some good news on that front…property owners on Wiley Bottom and Prescott Lane did remove large seed trees since last reviewed. Good work Sean and Amber!

The running total for the TTs is 40,288 previously plus 262 Monday, equaling 40,550 Tallows. 


May, 2017:  Back to work

The Tallow Terrors resumed work Monday after a two month hiatus to let the birds procreate. Five enthusiastic TTs did excellent work…Phil Boyer, Steve Rice, Brian Burtnik, Whitey Carpenter, and Ed Conant. They were rained on, but it stopped after 15 minutes and they had a productive day. The photo shows the nearly dried out but happy Steve Rice and Brian Burtnik standing next to the pile of dead Tallows placed next to the curb for County pickup. 

They worked at 27 and 29 Little Comfort Road and eliminated 115 Tallows, including some seed bearers and many immature trees between 6 and 15 feet in height. There is one large seed bearer they did not get to at #27, but they’ll take it down at a later date.
The Tallow Terrors running total is now 35,664.
It was good to be back cutting Tallows!

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