Water Conservation

Skidaway Audubon has taken a leadership role in providing information to residents on water conservation. In conjunction with The Landings Association and The Landings Club and Utilities Inc., we sponsored community panel discussions in 2010 and 2012 on saltwater intrusion in the Floridian Aquifer, our only source of potable water. Informational materials about odd/even days for watering, the importance of meeting permitted withdrawal levels required by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and how to conserve water with native planting are part of all new resident packets.

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At a 2013 Homeowners Expo, Skidaway Audubon co-hosted a Water Conservation booth with participation from The Landings Club and Utilities Inc. Giveaways included low flow toilets.

Water Like the Pros Do

  • Using evapotranspiration date from the Georgia weather station located on Skidaway as a baseline for run times, our golf course superintendents can adjust each irrigation head on our golf courses individually based on environmental factors.
  • You can water like the pros do:
    1. Go to www.Georgiaweather.net
    2. Under “Select a Weather Station” on left side of home page, choose Skidaway
    3. Go to “Yesterday’s Conditions”
    4. Look down the list for Evapotranspiration data
    5. If value is below .10 Golf Maintenance will NOT water
    6. If value is above .12 Golf Maintenance will begin irrigating

Save Water Like a Pro

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