Terrapin Turtle Rescue

Turtle3In her own words, Carolyn McInerney describes how she began rescuing Terrapin Turtle eggs from the sand bunkers near her house, searching for background information and working with naturalist John “Crawfish” Crawford at the UGA Marine Extension Service on Skidaway Island’s north end.

In 2010, Carolyn was recognized with a Skidaway Audubon Environmental Stewardship Award for this project and support for the construction of the nest boxes / hatcheries at Plantation #3 and #8.

There are now four volunteers trained to work with Carolyn, each monitoring a hole on the western marsh: Kathryn McLearn, Ben McMakin, Jim Dills and Pattye Field.

For more information on the Terrapin Turtle Rescue Project, email Carolyn McInerney at cmmcinerney@thelandings.com.

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